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Anxious Patients

Anxious Patients

We appreciate that many people feel anxious or nervous about visiting a dentist. In fact, around one in ten people are so worried about seeing a dentist that they simply don’t go, and often end up in pain and needing a lot of restorative treatment which could otherwise have been prevented.

At Dental Excellence Harewood, we put nervous patients at ease, so that they are able to see us regularly and avoid any major oral healthcare problems. We are sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, and are happy to let you take things at your own pace, while offering gentle encouragement.

We use very gentle local anaesthetic techniques to numb teeth. This includes the use of a topical gel to numb the surface of the gum and very careful administration of the local anaesthetic solution. Many patients don’t realise that they have had an injection until they feel the numbness starting. However, we appreciate that some people need an extra helping hand, and so we offer Intravenous(IV)Sedation.

IV sedation is administered via a tiny needle, which is usually placed in the back of your hand and does not usually hurt.  It makes you feel pleasantly drowsy and relaxed, and most patients do not remember anything of the treatment afterwards. It takes a while to wear off, so you will need someone to take you home and stay with you.


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We firmly believe that everyone deserves a great smile and should have access to high-quality dental care. Combining the exceptional levels of clinical skill with the service we provide, it all comes together to deliver life-changing dentistry.

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We’re dedicated to offering an experience that we believe is currently unavailable anywhere else in the UK. The whole team here are dedicated to delivering a truly outstanding experience to all of our patients.

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We put nervous patients at ease so that they're able to see us regularly and avoid oral healthcare issues. We're sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, always happy to let you take things at your own pace while offering gentle encouragement.

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