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Dental Excellence Harewood Dentist Partner Updates

Posted on: 10th August 2018

As well as being an award winning dental practise, our founding partners enjoy raising the profile of dentistry both in the UK and internationally. In the first quarter of this year already, two of our partners Dr Donald Sloss and Dr Mark Willings have travelled to opposite ends of the globe to impart their knowledge and skills and help shape the future of dentistry.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to.

Dr Donald Sloss visits the Windy City

Our partner, Dr Donald Sloss, has just returned from Chicago where, in his capacity as President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) ,he was representing the interests of British Cosmetic Dentistry.

He attended the AGM of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED). IFED has 37 member Academies from all round the world, the BACD is one largest academies along with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Donald commented “it was great to be able to help shape the future of cosmetic Dentistry on an International scale. The discussion and debate with other leaders of the national academies was lively and going forward there are some great plans that not only help promote beautiful, conservative dentistry on an international scale but will also help UK dentistry considerably”

Following on from this Donald will be attending a meeting in London for the UK’s senior dental leaders which will focus more on raising the standard of general dentistry at home.

Dr Mark Willings visits South Africa

Our Partner Mark Willings has just returned from a trip to the PI Branemark Institute of South Africa (PIBSA) as a guest of Southern Implants.

Branemark discovered dental Implantology and developed everything we now know and do from ground breaking research in the 60’s

The advanced course at PIBSA involved watching a case treated with Zygomatic Implants: dental implants which are fixed high into cheek bone to avoid the need for grafting in cases of compromised bone.

The course involved watching live surgery demonstrating the technique on a patient. The theory was taught through lectures and the practical application was learned using models to gain a feel for the technique.

This will help give another solution to our patients that most other clinics are unable to offer.

The course was attended by delegates from UK and Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Namibia and the USA.

Mark also had the chance to visit the manufacturing headquarters of southern implants and meet the CEO Graham Blackbeard. The company is dedicated to research and helping to find implant solutions for complex cases.

Mark commented, “Their attention to detail and quality control in the manufacture of their devices is quite incredible. They have developed solutions to help the rehabilitation of patients who have had ablative surgery for head and neck cancer…..the work that they do and what can be done is astonishing. Their systems are used all over the world and by some of the worlds leading Implantologists”

Mark is also going to an international conference in April hosted by southern Implants in Cape Town. Speakers include Palacci From France), Tarnow and Pikos( from US). All implant researchers and innovators of the highest repute.

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