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Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Dental implants are the next best thing to still having your own teeth. They are strong, comfortable and very natural looking. Implants can be used to replace one or more teeth and unlike dentures they are permanent so don’t move around.

An implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jawbone. Over time the bone grows around and bonds with the titanium to provide a secure base for a tooth. An implant can hold a single replacement tooth, a bridge or a denture with several replacement teeth.

Implants are amazingly natural-looking replacements that feel as strong and comfortable as your own teeth. They not only restore the patient’s normal appearance but make eating and speaking much easier than with dentures.

And as they are virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth, it means you can enjoy an attractive and natural looking smile once more.

What common problems do we treat using dental implants?

We see a wide range of patients from the very young to those later in life. There are many reasons that patients require implants from being born without teeth to losing them in a trauma, to simply wanting to improve the look of their teeth using implants for cosmetic reasons. We also see patients who, very sadly, despite their very best efforts are facing losing all their teeth due to advanced gum problems.

We have dental implant solutions for all patients, no matter what the reason for tooth loss and no matter the timing of when the teeth have been lost or are to be lost.

Fortunately, dental implants do give us a solution and our technology, experience and knowledge in this area means that we can deliver a first class service to rehabilitate patients with implant supported replacements that look like teeth, feel like teeth, function like teeth and give patients a good psychological well being.

If you are faced with any tooth loss and would like a replacement, be it a single tooth or all your missing teeth, then please make Dental Excellence your first choice for dental implant treatment.

Common treatment reasons

There are lots of reasons for patients to need dental implant treatments, but the common motivations we see are:

  • Those born without teeth
  • Have lost their teeth following an accident or significant trauma
  • Unable to use or unwilling to have dentures
  • Edentulism (complete loss of all teeth)
  • Cosmetic dental improvements


What treatments do we offer when it comes to dental implants?

Treatment involves a very detailed assessment initially to understand fully the patient’s needs and expectations. We can then evaluate the oral health and have a long discussion about what we feel may be possible to address their needs.

Once agreed, we enter a planning phase where we will obtain records and work with a technician to see exactly what’s possible using plaster casts. This is fundamentally important as we need to all understand exactly what the final results will be. After a discussion with the technician, ourselves and the patient, we can then finalise a treatment plan.

All our treatments are carried out having fully evaluated treatment scenarios, using computer analysis, 3D printed models, and the skill and knowledge of a very experienced dental technician.

What’s more, treatments are for all patients regardless of their age and really is for any person who would prefer something that looks, feels and functions just like their natural tooth.

Fro more details on simple and more complex implant cases, see below:

If somebody is faced with a loss of one tooth, there may be two approaches depending on whether or not the tooth is already missing.

In very simple cases, dental implant treatment is straightforward. If the tooth is already missing and the area healed, we can evaluate how much bone remains using a scan, carry out some detailed planning using 3D printed models and painlessly and simply lift back the gum, place an implant, allow this to heal for approximately eight weeks before making a tooth.

In more complex cases, we can transition a patient who may have all their teeth failing with very successful results. Patients, even if their early forties who are faced with losing their teeth due to gum disease, have a treatment where we can in one day remove their failing teeth, place a series of implants and restore the use on the same day with bridgework that is fixed into place. In other words, they arrive at the surgery in the morning with their own teeth and leave the same day with an implant supported bridge, so at no time are they faced with wearing dentures.

They can have the psychological benefit, maintaining a functional dentition without feeling that they have no teeth.

Once treatment commences, this is usually carried out over a series of stages and exactly what treatment will involve dependent on the position in the mouth that the tooth replacement is for and the number of teeth we are aiming to replace.

Treatments can be very simple in many cases, but where patients may have been missing teeth for some time and already have advanced bone loss, then more complex techniques can be offered.

How do patients benefit from dental implant treatments?

There is no doubt that dental implants can restore a patient’s dignity, self esteem and confidence and give them back a normal life. They no longer need to feel embarrassed, they can eat, socialise, function in public, and they no longer need to surf the menu for the softest of foods that they think they may be able to manage. Patients no longer live in fear of losing their teeth.

We have many life-changing success stories that highlight just how much impact getting the right dental treatments can have. This includes a recent testimonial sent to us by Pauline:

Making people smile – what a truth. I could also add making people happy. I cannot begin to tell you how happy my implants make me every day. I thank you all for your personal, professional and quality care.

We give each and every patient the time, care and attention they deserve that ensures they receive the right treatment for their individual needs. Patients leave dental excellence happier and in a better state of oral health because of our patient-centred approach.

ImplantSure – Our 5 year guarantee

We are pleased to provide you with our 5-year patient guarantee providing protection and extra reassurance in the unlikely event of unforeseen complications or accident over the next 5 years.

We recognise that implant dentistry represents a significant financial outlay for patients and we want to offer you extra reassurance that you won’t incur any expensive remedial costs in the event of unforeseen complications or accident by including our 5-year guarantee as standard for all our patients.

Guarantee overview:

  • Protection from start of treatment
  • Covers cost of any remedial work
  • 5 years protection for your implant
  • 5 years protection for complications with your restoration
  • Covers accidental damage
  • Part of a responsible aftercare plan

To maintain the protection offered by this guarantee it is important to monitor and maintain the health of the implant site and to undertake an Annual Review with the dental practice before the anniversary of the commencement of your treatment.

Restoration means implant supported crown, bridge or denture. Backed by insurance. Terms and Conditions apply.

Why choose Dental Excellence for your dental implants?

Dental Excellence is a premium dental practice with a number of clinicians working in teamwork to deliver the very best in dental care available from state of the art, modern facilities. We use up to date research in order to tailor individual treatment plans to a patient’s needs. A number of our clinicians use dental implants widely and the combined experience is in excess of fifty years working in this field.

All our dentists are widely acknowledged nationally and at Dental Excellence we run training courses for dentists from all over the UK and Europe to show advanced treatment techniques using dental implants.

What’s more, because we work as part of a multi-disciplined team, we can combine our skills and knowledge to treat any other oral conditions or needs you might have, including periodontics, cosmetic veneers or Invisalign braces.

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