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Here at Dental Excellence Harewood, our specialist periodontist, Imran Sharif and hygienist deal with anything gum-related, whether you’re suffering from a common periodontal disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis or you’re looking to improve your smile through cosmetic procedures.

The periodontal treatments we recommend depend on the severity of the disease and ranges from teaching you improved oral hygiene techniques to non-surgical and surgical therapies.

Discovering that you have periodontal disease, or that your teeth may not be saveable, can be a disheartening realisation for individuals.

However, our periodontal team are dedicated to restoring optimal dental health for our patients by providing a compassionate, individualised approach while utilising the most advanced periodontal and implant treatments available.

What common problems do we treat in our periodontics department?

The most common gum complaints we see in patients are gingivitis and periodontitis, both of which are caused by the bacterial plaque that normally inhabits the mouth.
Gingivitis, a common condition, is inflammation of the gum and can usually be resolved with good oral hygiene measures.
However, periodontitis, affecting 10-15% of the population, is a far more damaging inflammatory condition that destroys the supporting ligament and bone, eventually leading to tooth loss. The signs and symptoms of both conditions vary from none at all, to loose teeth and drifting teeth. Why 10-15% of individuals are susceptible to this more destructive condition is not fully understood.

Some of the major factors affecting periodontitis include smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, specific strains of bacteria in the plaque, personal stress levels and family history.


Patients who experience the following symptoms may need to speak to one of our specialist periodontics team:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Mobility of teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Pain (although this is usually a more late-stage symptom)

What treatments do we offer in periodontics?

Non-surgical treatments are the mainstay of initial periodontal treatment. The aim non-surgical therapy is to remove plaque, calculus and toxins that are in contact with the tooth root surface from below the gum line. Our experienced team will complete this treatment using a specifically tailored approach, which can be used in conjunction with, EMS Perio-Flow Therapy™ and laser technology:

However, we also offer cosmetic treatments, as well as our cosmetic dentistry options. Our range of different treatments available are listed below:

This system projects a combination of air, erythritol powder and water on to the root and implant surfaces. Our periodontal team are able to use this system to access deep pockets around teeth and implants to ensure effective disruption of the bacterial biofilm as well as inhibition of plaque formation.

This changes the environment in the gum pocket through the removal of toxins and calculus and helps to promote healthy tissue regeneration. The effectiveness of this treatment is superior to the more traditional therapy and quite often proves to be a more comfortable experience for the patient. By eliminating toxins and irritants, the gum tissue is able to heal and consequently, the pockets begin to shrink.

We conduct this treatment under local anaesthetic to increase comfort levels for our patients and may even split the treatment into two or more sessions if we believe it will be beneficial to the patient’s comfort.

In certain situations, periodontal treatments like scaling and root planing alone may not be sufficient to deal with periodontitis, especially in patients who had more severe disease at the outset. These patients may require further treatment in the form of surgical periodontal therapy.

Modern surgical treatments are generally minimally invasive and there are a variety of surgical techniques used in the management of severe periodontitis, each having their own specific indication.

Certain individuals have teeth that look too short or show too much gum when they smile, typically referred to as “gummy smile“. This procedure is often used to remove the excess of gum and expose the teeth that are hiding underneath. The individual’s gum line can be delicately sculpted to create the right proportion between gum and tooth, which will result in an aesthetic looking smile.

Other patients may have broken or fractured teeth that can’t be restored without some initial periodontic work. Here, our periodontics team will remove or reduce some of the gum around the fractured tooth so that the restorative dentistry team have more of the crown exposed, enabling them to attach a replacement tooth.

Gum recession can cause individuals to have tooth sensitivity, decay as well as make it difficult for patients to clean the area and effect gingival aesthetics. At Dental Excellence Harewood, the specialist periodontist uses microsurgical periodontal techniques that can dramatically improve the look of an individual smile and teeth. While reducing the chances of further recession, reduce dentine sensitivity and protect the root from cavities.

How do patients benefit from periodontal treatments?

Along with an excellent standard of oral health, many of our periodontic patients benefit from huge improvements in self-confidence, reduced or eliminated gingivitis, eliminated halitosis and have their gummy smiles transformed into aesthetically pleasing ones. In addition, we offer a superb level of aftercare, helping your perfect smile look great for longer.

We have many life-changing success stories that highlight just how much impact getting the right dental treatments can have.

We give each and every patient the time, care and attention they deserve that ensures they receive the right treatment for their individual needs. Patients leave dental excellence happier and in a better state of oral health because of our patient-centred approach.

Why choose DEH for Periodontics?

When it comes periodontal problems and keeping your gums in their best shape, our specialist periodontal team have many years experience in treating a variety of gum disease issues.

What’s more, because we work as part of a multi-disciplined team, we can combine our skills and knowledge to treat any other oral conditions or needs you might have, including dental implants, cosmetic veneers or Invisalign braces.

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