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Root Canal


Root Canal Treatments

The root canal is the small space that sits within the root and crown of the tooth and contains the blood vessels and nerve tissue that enables the tooth to feel hot and cold.

One of the most common causes of tooth pain in patients is when the root canal and nerve in the tooth become infected and contaminated with bacteria (bugs). Hence when the nerve tissue within the tooth becomes infected, the tooth can becomes very sensitive and painful to hot and cold food and drinks.

As the inflammation/infection spreads down the root of the tooth, the tissues around the tooth become infected and the tooth then becomes painful with pressure.

Finally when enough bacteria have gathered in the tissues and bone around the root a swelling develops and patients know this as an abscess. This causes the tooth, bone and tissues around the tooth to become painful and inflamed, and unless the root canal is treated then the tooth will need to be extracted to alleviate the pain.

Root canal treatment mainly involves treating infected teeth to eliminate pain and in the process, save the tooth. We know that the earlier we can treat the infection the better the chance of saving the tooth.

What common root canal problems do we treat?

Because root canal issues generally involve an infected root canal and nerve in the tooth, patients we see for this treatment usually complain of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Pain or discomfort from a tooth
  • Swollen face or have had courses of antibiotics to treat an infection that just wont settle
  • Told by a dentist that the tooth needs to be extracted as it is infected
  • The root canal treatment is difficult and someone with more experience is needed to carry out the treatment.

We can often easily assess the tooth by looking at an x-ray of the tooth to see if we can maybe help treat the tooth and alleviate your pain and save the tooth

How do we treat root canal issues?

We have access to the latest equipment and technology such as microscopes, ultrasonic cleaners and lasers which enable us to treat teeth that perhaps otherwise may have been deemed untreatable. We even have a 3d x-ray machine that we can use to look in really close detail to establish what is going on with the tooth before we start treatment.

A root canal can be smaller than a human hair! So sometimes finding them can be a challenge unless you have the right lighting and magnification. From here we have to shape, clean and seal the canal and at Dental Excellence we have invested in the best equipment to help us do the best job we possibly can for you.

Generally, root canal treatments fall into simple or complex cases:

For more simple root canal cases, treatment can be for anyone who is keen to save their teeth and be out of pain! It involves at least one and sometimes two or three visits for us to find, shape and clean the infected root canals that lie within the tooth.

We use the latest technology and equipment to help us achieve this and a typical treatment session can last for as little as 40 mins to a maximum of 90 mins.

In more complex root canal cases, especially those needing further treatment, we would generally stop after the initial 40-90 minute session and schedule a second visit. Most patients need a break after a longer treatment session.

If the tooth is very infected, sometimes we have to place some medicine in the root canal to help kill the bacteria and so a second treatment session is required.

We make sure we assess every case individually and treat it in the most appropriate manner to ensure the best chance of success.

How do patients benefit from root canal treatments?

Successful root treatment helps people keep their teeth for life.

We often see people who are in pain and one of the most satisfying aspects of our job as a dentist is the ability we have in a single treatment session to get someone out of pain.



Why choose Dental Excellence for root canal treatment?

At Dental Excellence we have a high level of expertise in dealing with root canal treatments. If you need root canal treatment, then investing in having your treatment undertaken at Harewood will help you keep your teeth for life.

We have two dentists who mainly deal with the root canal treatments, David Seymour and Jonathan Swarbrigg. You can be rest assured that between David and Jon, you’re in experienced and qualified hands.

David is a Specialist in endodontics which in simple terms means a specialist in root canal treatment. Jon Swarbrigg has been treating patients needing root canal for over 25 years and has completed thousands of successful treatments, gaining a high level of experience and expertise in this area.

All procedures are performed using our microscope and the latest technology which ensures the treatment is carried out to the highest of standards, ensuring a higher level of precision, safety and quality.

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