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Scans and X-rays


Our Scans and X-ray Services

X-ray examinations form part of our routine care and maintenance as a way to check for dental disease and any other pathology, and also to help us plan the best treatment for each patient’s needs when we need to know the health of the supporting dental structures.

In contrast to a 2D x-ray, our scans produce a 3D image. At Dental Excellence, we have a Cone Beam CT Scanner and this provides us with very accurate information, much higher than a plain film x-ray. Additionally, the beauty of a CT scan is that we can create a digital image in very sophisticated computer software to plan treatment virtually using 3D modelling.

From the virtual 3D model, we can create 3D printed models of the teeth and jaws which is very valuable, particularly when planning treatments such as dental implants when we want to create guides to ensure very precisely the exact location of dental implants into available bone.

What common problems do we address with scans and x-rays?

We use CT scans routinely in dental implant treatment and planning. They are also very useful in the planning of other surgical procedures, such removal of wisdom teeth where they can help minimise the risk of damage to the surrounding nerves in the lower jaw.

Scans are becoming increasingly important prior to root canal treatment where a three dimensional image of the internal size and shape of the tooth is crucial.

In other cases, we have been able to successfully treat patients referred to us by other dentists where typical x-rays haven’t been able to highlight underlying problems that our CT scanning process can pick up. In some of these instances, the CT scans can give us a full picture and diagnose some fairly straightforward problems otherwise not visible using traditional plain film x-rays.

Prevention is better than the cure

Unfortunately, as part of our work, we see problems arising from other clinicians where patients have come to us suffering from loss of lower lip sensation following implants that have hit the nerve. Other issues we encounter have involved implants pushed into the sinuses where there is insufficient bone and this has not been identified properly by taking an appropriate scan and clinicians have been working purely from an x-ray image which doesn’t give the degree of accuracy.

By using the right level of sophisticated scanning and diagnostic equipment, we’re able to prevent a lot of issues from arising later down the line.

What scan and x-ray options do we offer ?

You can read more about our individual scanning and x-ray services and what’s involved below:

Typically, a CT scan typically will take only five minutes with the patient standing in a machine. It’s not claustrophobic and it doesn’t make a lot of noise; the machine simply moves around the patient and the patient just simply has to stay still for ten minutes. This does not involve anything being held in the mouth, no bulky x-ray that can make you feel ill and it is really a very simple and straightforward technique.

Our CT scanner provides a digital image which we then use in our computers to manipulate and obtain the most accurate results.

X-ray examinations form part of our routine care and maintenance as a screening method to check for dental disease and any other issues. Also, they help us to plan treatment when we need to know the health of the supporting structures.

How do patients benefit from x-rays and scans?

The major benefit in choosing the right diagnostic tool, scans or x-rays, is that we get the right level of sophisticated information so that we can plan the patient’s treatment correctly.

Scans give us the benefit of having a complete picture of the dental structures and help diagnose problems and importantly it helps us to plan with complete confidence and accuracy the treatment to a very high degree of accuracy. This helps to minimise risks to the patient of any long term complications or damage and ultimately minimising the risk of failure.

All dentists here at Dental Excellence use scans and x-rays in their work and it is completely normal and routine in doing so. We do accept referrals from other dentists who would like a patient to have a CT scan and we will also offer a planning and diagnostic service if the dentist requires a report on the scan, helping to interpret the data.

We have many life-changing success stories that highlight just how much impact getting the right dental treatments can have.

We give each and every patient the time, care and attention they deserve that ensures they receive the right treatment for their individual needs. Patients leave dental excellence happier and in a better state of oral health because of our patient-centred approach.

Why choose Dental Excellence for scans and x-rays?

We have a state of the art CT scanner and work with the very best software programs for 3D modelling. We are able to import files of treatment proposals and superimpose these on scan information. This is a very powerful tool both when diagnosing and proposing treatment. It also helps the patient to very easily visualise what we are trying to achieve.

What’s more, because we work as part of a multi-disciplined team, we can combine our skills and knowledge to treat any other oral conditions or needs you might have, including dental implants, cosmetic veneers or Invisalign braces.

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