Facial Aesthetics

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Facial Aesthetics

With an ageing population and an era of social media, people have never been more conscious of their appearance and treatments available to prevent the signs of ageing.  Whether we do it consciously or not we age a person by the appearance of their skin.

With age the skin often becomes drier which gives a duller appearance, collagen levels reduce making the skin lack fullness and we begin to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Initially, the lines may develop around frequently used muscles of facial expression e.g. when frowning and smiling, but over time these will deepen and the elasticity of the skin reduces.

Muscle relaxing injections use botulinum toxin (commonly known as BOTOX(R)) which is injected using very fine needles into specific targeted areas to relax the muscles.  This will often soften already established lines and wrinkles, but also prevent the development of them. At Dental Excellence, we aim to enhance your appearance and give you a natural, not frozen look.

For areas where fine lines and wrinkles have already developed we sometimes also use dermal fillers as an adjunct to botulinum toxin to further smooth out the skin to give a more youthful appearance.

We can also use dermal fillers injected into the lips to create greater definition around the border of the lips which is often lost with age.  We can increase the fullness of your lips which also can enhance your facial profile and provide more of a facial feature.  Lip fillers may also balance your lips if you feel that they look asymmetric.



About Facesthetics at Dental Excellence

Our facial aesthetics treatments are provided by Helen Davidson from Facesthetics. Helen is a qualified dental surgeon who has been treating patients for the last 12 years.  During her career, she has pursued further training in dentistry and facial aesthetics to direct her passion for facial aesthetic treatments.

You can read more about Helen on her team profile page, or by visiting the Facesthetics website here.

Thank you to Mark, David and the team for your kindness and expertise. I’m delighted with the end result


We firmly believe that everyone deserves a great smile and should have access to high-quality dental care. Combining the exceptional levels of clinical skill with the service we provide, it all comes together to deliver life-changing dentistry.

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As well as life-changing dental work, we also offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments to help reduce gummy smiles, treat migraines and headaches, slim the face and rejuvenate your face through anti-wrinkle treatments

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We put nervous patients at ease so that they're able to see us regularly and avoid oral healthcare issues. We're sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, always happy to let you take things at your own pace while offering gentle encouragement.

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