Cheek and tear trough enhancement

The cheeks start to flatten and drop with age. They lose their roundness and projection. Some people become gaunt looking. Youthful faces often have better defined cheeks which sit in a higher position. The ‘tear trough’ is a shadow or a groove which extends from the corner of the eye obliquely across the cheek and can make a person look more tired. It appears to make the cheek separate into two parts.

Cheek enhancement, and treatment of the ‘tear trough’, can bring youthfulness back to a tired looking or older face. Again, this is done with an almost painless injection technique of dermal fillers especially designed for this area.


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As well as life-changing dental work, we also offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments to help reduce gummy smiles, treat migraines and headaches, slim the face and rejuvenate your face through anti-wrinkle treatments

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