Non-surgical rhinoplasty and nose reshaping

The nose sits in the centre of the face and is a very important feature. It plays a key role in how the attractiveness of the face, is perceived.

Dermal fillers can be used to correct all sorts of nasal deformities including the smoothing out of lumps and bumps. They can allow the nose to be reshaped into a more attractive form without the need to resort to the more invasive surgical techniques. Surgery is obviously non-reversible and the patient usually needs to take time off because of bruising. This non-surgical form of nose reshaping can be carried out without bruising and any need for time off, producing an instant result.

By altering nasal proportions and smoothing out irregularities, larger noses can even be made to look smaller. This is because the overall proportions are corrected. The nose tip can be lifted, and the nose made to look wider, narrower or straighter as required.


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As well as life-changing dental work, we also offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments to help reduce gummy smiles, treat migraines and headaches, slim the face and rejuvenate your face through anti-wrinkle treatments

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