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Get to know your Dental Technician: Brendan Hudson

Posted on: 30th May 2019

What interested you in starting a career in dentistry?

Brendan Hudson - Dental Technician

Brendan Hudson – Dental Technician

Upon leaving School, my father’s friend offered me a position within his small dental laboratory with no past experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work and decided to embark upon a college course to become a qualified Dental Technician.

In 1988 I successfully completed my course and achieved my full qualification, so with my qualification in hand, I set out to open my own dental laboratory, I achieved this only two years after graduating (1990.)

Over the next 24 years, the dental laboratory organically grew into the biggest privately-owned laboratory in the UK, with over 130 staff. The laboratory won awards such as ‘Laboratory of the Year.’ I also won ‘Dental Technician of the Year!’

Later, I decided to sell my dental laboratory and embark on achieving a fully ‘qualified’ status as a Clinical Dental Technician– University of Central Lancashire – 2014.

Why do you work at Dental excellence Harewood? Or – What attracted you to join Dental Excellence Harewood?

Aside from the beautiful surroundings, Dental Excellence Harewood has a fantastic reputation both locally and nationally with their Clinicians having vast experience in dentistry and surgery.

Dental Excellence is a multi-disciplined dental centre and with its educational facility located within on the grounds, it is the perfect place for any aspiring dental student. We all support one purpose, which is to serve our patients and referring dentists with the highest quality dental treatment, care and education.

The clinics are also very relaxing, which I find helps put patients at ease straight away!

Why should patients come to you for treatment?

I have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing dental appliances, which I am extremely proud of. I can also tailor all treatments for my patients to suit them and their needs, as I am filled with the utmost confidence in my own abilities, I am able to manufacture and carry out bespoke dental work, whilst providing the highest possible care to all my patients, putting each of them at ease.

I can truly say I am passionate about my work and the treatments I do for my patients.

What is your philosophy in regards to Dentistry?

“Never manufacture or fit an appliance that you would not have in your own mouth.” I used to use this Philosophy when training my staff in my dental laboratory, too!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Putting the smile back, and giving the confidence back, to my patients – it is the most rewarding feeling and why I love my career!


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