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How long do permanent dental implants last?

Posted on: 6th February 2018

If you’re considering permanent dental implants, either for cosmetic reasons or as an alternative to dentures, one of the common questions asked is ‘how long do permanent dental implants last?’.

In this article we’ll look at some possible answers and other information that can help you learn more about dental implants and their lifespan.

How long do permanent dental implants last? The short answer

In our experience, built upon a long and successful history of performing many dental implant procedures, on average you can expect your new permanent dental implants to last between 10-15 years.

This lifespan is subject to how well they are cared for and maintained.

How long do permanent dental implants last? The longer answer

The real answer, as with much in life, is slightly more involved…

Dental implants offer an ‘as near as natural’ replacement for your real teeth. The implant roots, which are self-tapping screws embedded into the jaw, are made from titanium, a super strong material which forms a biological bond (called osseointegration) with the bone over time.

Because of the titanium material and way that they bond with the bones in the jaw, the artificial roots are the most permanent feature of typical dental implants and could last for the rest of your life. However, they can succumb to complications, such as a biological rejection (as with any artificial implant or replacement – e.g. hip joints) and infections or poor gum health.

The tooth part of the implant is usually made from porcelain or hard-wearing ceramic material. These are not quite as long-lasting as their titanium partners and can suffer similar problems as your real teeth, such as corrosion and gum disease.

Biology and oral health habits

All things being equal, dental implants are made from very strong and durable materials and are often spoken of as being like for like replacements for your natural teeth.

However, because of this, they are often subject to the same common dental health issues as natural teeth. Brushing and flossing habits can affect the tooth implants and the surrounding gums, just as they would with natural teeth.

Biology and genetics also play their part; changes in patient health and wellbeing, their age and certain diseases can all affect how well implants last and wear over time.

Mouth hygiene and dental care is the key

In the end, the biggest factor in keeping dental implants looking great and maximising their longevity, is how well they are cared for.

Being that they are considered to be an almost true replacement for your biological teeth, you should treat them in the same way. Make sure to brush and floss regularly, avoid too much sugar or carbonated drinks and make sure to attend regular dental appointments and specific implant maintenance checkups.

Additionally, if your mouth has altered significantly over time then implants may also require alterations or replacements to keep your them in their best shape.

Dental implant lifespan: what we advise

We’ve already discovered that there are a number of variables and influencing factors in maintaining a high level of oral health and dental hygiene, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Regular maintenance care
  • Good oral health habits
  • An individual’s response to implants
  • Implant material

Given the multitude of variables, we advise patients that a typical lifespan for implants can be somewhere between 10-15 years. We also recommend a regular series of hygiene and maintenance appointments to keep everything in top shape for many years to come.

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